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The Rorschach Test

At the request of some moms, we have prepared an art project which is really easy to complete and more importantly will bring a lot of satisfaction to the youngest children.

While thinking up this project, I wanted it to be related to the topic of the week, which is smog. I decided that it would be original to use the idea of inkblots printed on white sheets of paper from the so called Rorschach test. These inkblots are used mainly in psychiatry and to analyse personality traits. The inkblots are shown to a person who has to tell what they see in them. Additional explanation of why I associated ink with the smog you can find in this short video. 🙂

malowanie nicią


  • 2 sheets of thick white paper
  • thick black paint
  • one additional paint of any other colour
  • 2 bowls
  • a brush or a stick to mix paints
  • 2 pieces of string, each about 1m long

Step 1

Put one string into a bowl, add some black paint and mix until the string soaks up the paint. Repeat this using another bowl and a different colour. Then, place the strings on a sheet of paper and arrange them into a desired shape. Remember to leave the ends of the strings beyond the edges of the paper. Cover strings with another sheet of paper and place something heavy on top to press the sheets together.

Step 2

Pull the strings out without removing the weight. Then, carefully separate sheets of paper. We guarantee you a stunning effect; the project is bound to be a success. Meanwhile, you can explain to your children what symmetry is, or try to tell each other what comes across your minds when you look at this painting. Our work looked exactly like lungs, in reference to the topic of smog. But then, Ania turned the sheets upside down and said that she sees a flower. I can’t disagree. To sum up, this project is a lot of fun and it really expands your imagination.