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This post begins our series on arts & crafts activities for kids. I read on a website of one of the primary schools in Warsaw the other day that before a child starts school they should be able to, e.g. tell left from right.

It is a goal worth pursuing because it enhances child’s spatial awareness and without a doubt helps them get ahead in the learning process. And so I’ve decided to suggest we make a compass for children that would help them master the ‘left/right’ subject and also introduce the ‘East/West’ terms. Let’s go then!


  • colourful sheets of thick paper
  • scissors
  • bow compass
  • ruler
  • drawing pin
  • marker or gel pen
  • small box (preferably square-based)

Step 1

Take the box (you can buy it at an Empik store and other stationery shops or you can use any box-shaped packaging at hand) and measure the edge length (dimensions marked as letter a) and height (letter b) inside it.

Use a ruler and a pencil to draw a square on the colourful sheet: the square’s edge length should be the same as the box’s edge length (see the blue square on the image below).

Measure your box’s height and mark the result outside the square’s edges, then draw another, external square (the red square in the image). You will thus get a square inside a square.

Step 2

Cut the square along the outer square’s edges, make cuts in the corners as shown in the images. What you’ve got is the compass’s base. Fold the square along the edges of the internal square and put it inside the box.

Step 3

If you halve the square’s side, you will get the radius of your compass’ dial. Use the bow compass to draw a circle of a different colour on a sheet of paper; cut it, mark the cardinal and intermediate directions and decorate it if you want – a glittery version will work best for girls.

Cut the arrow/needle. I chose to make one half red and the other blue. Fasten the arrow to the dial with a drawing pin and then fasten the dial to the compass’s base. Finished!

For those of you who would like to decorate the box I’ve prepared some downloadable suggestions. You can print them on a self-adhesive paper sheet and cut out. Have fun!


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