Today we will combine knowledge about sustainable cities and water retention. Listen to “I love my city, I save water” fairy tale and try to memorize what message the trees were trying to pass to Mr. Teacher. What did eco detectives discover when wandering around Poland?  MATERIALS boards with a sketch of a concrete city illustrations [...]

Today we will realize why castaways at sea die of thirst and why it is important to collect rainwater and save water. Tell the children that our planet - Earth - is special because it has lots of water. Water creates vast oceans and seas. It flows in rivers. It is absorbed in soil, giving life [...]

Purpose of the task is to recite the story of a more than 100-years-old photo studio from the Ochota district, to talk about the concept of time, phenomenon of its passing and finding a way to stop it, to explain to children what a camera obscura was and what a lens is and finally to develop children’s manual skills [...]

Tell the children that our planet - Earth - is special because it has lots of water. Water creates vast oceans and seas. It flows in rivers. It is absorbed in soil, giving life to trees, flowers and animals. Water is also in the atmosphere. It accumulates in the clouds to fall as rain. Did [...]

Download the lesson plans If you had a chance to download lesson plans "Safe Homes - Friendly Cities", you might look forward to downloading attachments to the plans you already have. All the attachments to scenarios are available on this page. You can download them free of charge. We have created lesson plans so that [...]

Today we will make children aware that slum areas exist in different parts of the world and will increase their knowledge of the greatest deficiencies and needs in areas of poverty. Download presentation MATERIALS presentation “Life in slums” from attachment 1 story “We build safe houses” Instruction Ask the children to sit comfortably on the [...]

Today we will make the children aware of what elements a safe, dream home should consist of. We will also develope children’s artistic skills. Are you ready? :) Download a template of a house Download elements MATERIALS a template of a house printed out from attachment 1 printed out pages from attachment 2 glue scissors [...]

We already know the concept of a "sustainable city" (for a reminder, you can check here). Today we will learn to recognize which factors, objects or actions make the city friendly to people and the environment. Download boards Download elements MATERIALS a board showing a friendly and unfriendly city from attachment 15.1 printed and cut out [...]

Have your children ever heard the terms "sustainable city" or "friendly city" and know what they mean? Today we will introduce the children to the term of “sustainable cities” and point out what social and environmental elements should be taken care of in order to make a city sustainable. Download attachment MATERIALS check list with [...]

We have already learned about the different architectural styles and types of houses around the world, but that's not all! Today we have something extra for you! :) We will get to know the most interesting types of houses and learn about the living conditions of people from around the world. As they say: "other [...]

After our trip to Africa and getting to know the traditional patterns of Ndebele tribe, we move to other continents to discover traditional wooden architecture common in many countries across Europe, North America and Russia. We will also create a paper model of a traditional Russian wooden dwelling (“izba”). Download photos MATERIALS pictures of wooden houses (attachment [...]

Today's aim is to teach children about traditional African patterns, based on the ornaments used to decorate houses of the Ndebele people and learn to create ornaments. MATERIALS photos of the Ndebele houses (attachment 9.1) rules of the game (attachment 9.2) house template (attachment 9.3) dice markers brown paper glue scissors Download photos Dowmload rules [...]

The aim is to explain to the children the notion of poverty. We will also discuss what the equal divide of global wealth should look like. Step 1 This is a game for 10 children. Ask the children to sit on the chairs (placed in line), facing the rest of the group/class. Every chair represents [...]

Today we would like to initiate discussion about support, cooperation and voluntary work. We have prepared a game "Building a house together", which will show the role of cooperation in everyday lives. MATERIALS cups, building blocks or other small objects that can be placed one on top of another rubber band several strings Step 1 [...]

Today we present different types of houses from around the world, initiating a discussion about houses and their basic elements, highlighting the differences and similarities between them. Download presentation Download map MATERIALS “Houses around the world” presentation (attachment 5.1) the world map (attachment 5.2) Instruction Show the children the photos of houses from different parts [...]

The aim of today's post is to teach children about natural disasters and their impact. The children will also find out the differences between various natural disasters. Download presentation MATERIALS Printed photos of natural disasters’ outcomes (attachment 1.1) Descriptions of natural disasters Instruction Sit in a circle with the children. Start the game asking them [...]

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