Art, Plants and Animals

Artistic work “Paper Hedgehogs”

On November 10th, hedgehogs celebrate their holiday. It is estimated that these small mammals have been living on our planet for 60 million years, but now, without our help, they may become extinct in a few decades. That’s why it’s essential to talk about hedgehogs and share knowledge about them not only on this day. We propose making our paper hedgehog to help the youngest nature guardians remember why we need to take care of hedgehogs.


  • colored paper
  • hedgehog template (attachment)
  • yarn
  • glue, scissors, black marker
  • thick cardboard
  • presentation (attachment)

The course of the task

Step 1. Discussion with children about what hedgehogs eat.

Step 2. Coloring the hedgehog treats from the attachment.

Step 3. Cutting out the colored images and gluing them onto a paper plate.

Step 4. Attach the pom-pom to the hedgehog’s belly. The toy is ready.