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Coloring and cutting – manual dexterity development

Teachers raise the alarm – our children are slowly losing basic manual dexterity. Unfortunately, the reason is common among children’s fascination with new technologies and being less and less engaged in manual activities such as drawing, modeling in clay and cutting out. It`s true that some abillites which were once essential are nowadays losing their significance. Hand exercises are not only exercises for hands but also for the brain. In our everyday work, we try to create tasks for children which require using scissors, a pencil and a ruler. Today we prepared an exercise for you, which is a similar challenge, and a great excuse for a conversation about the underwater world and how to protect it.

materiały niezbędne do wykonania pracy


  • Sheet of A3 white paper
  • Paints (preferably shades of the sea)
  • Thick paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Newspaper
  • Sheets of coloured paper
  • Colorful magazines
  • Marker pen

Step 1

Colour the sheet of white paper using a thick paint brush, it will be our background. Put a thin layer of paint on a newspaper so that the printed extracts are visible. Leave everyting to dry.

Step 2

Cut out the fish from sheets of colored paper; the more fish there are, the prettier our artwork will be. The fish can have different colors, shapes and sizes.

When the newspaper is dry, cut out more fish from the newspaper e.g. sharks or hammer-headed sharks, the more variety the better. However, if younger children do the exercise, we can use only the easiest shape of a fish. In the end we can glue every inhabitant of the underwater world and add some details – sharks` teeth, eyes, fish scales, fins. Artwork`s ready!

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