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Memory cards about coral reef

During our training sessions for teachers, we always encourage them to include topics about marine life in games for children. The children love them, so it`s a perfect way to combine education with pleasure. Underwater life is one of the UN`s Sustainable Development Goals, because many marine animal species are endangered because of purposeful human activity (uncontrolled fishing, underwater hunting, polluting sea water, warming of the seas and the oceans caused by climate change). The subject perfectly combines the connections which occur in our life how our consumer behavior can influence the ecosystem with its flora and fauna in completely different part of the planet.

But let`s start with the basics. Show the child a short film about coral reef e.g. this one from YouTube (above). Ask if they enjoyed the film, what they saw, what animal species the child knew? Whether they think that coral reef could be called a nature monument and why? Emphasize that life in the coral reef is incredibly diverse and this diversity is what we must preserve for the future generations.

In order to provide basis, we prepared simple memory cards about coral reef. You have to print it on thicker paper (the print should be bilateral, so that one side of all cards has a grey fish pattern). You can also laminate the cards and cut them along the line. Next turn all the cards, so that their underside is facing up. Then the child should find a pair of identical pictures. It would be best if there were a few players, because every next person has one chance to turn any two cards. If the attempt is successful, the child puts a pair of pictures next to them. If it`s not, the child turns the cards underside up and the next player starts playing. Memory cards are a perfect game for developing visual memory. Very often the young win this game, which is why it`s liked by children.

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