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What do children have for breakfast?

Since we already know that we should eat healthily, now it’s time for a small art project dedicated to the food that children eat in different parts of the world. We suggest that you start by showing the children some photos. The New York Times has published very interesting photos of children from all over the world with their breakfast. Show them to the children and ask if they recognised the products on the table, what the differences are between their own breakfasts and those of their peers, and which breakfast they like the most (and/or least) and why.

We also recommend reading an article which provides details and fun facts, e.g. why fish oil is a typical breakfast ingredient in Iceland. It’s all very interesting.

After this discussion, it’s time to start the artwork. You can choose whichever of the 2 exercises below you like best.

  • Exercise 1. Draw and cut out your dream breakfast, consisting of the most delicious ingredients from all over the world.
  • Exercise 2. Draw and cut out the breakfast of a child from another country that you liked the most.
materiały potrzebne do wykonania zadania


  • Printed plates templates (can be downloaded below)
  • Sheets of coloured paper
  • Sheets of white paper
  • Marker pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Draw a dish (e.g. a sandwich and a boiled egg cut in half), a vegetable and/or a fruit. You can draw on white or coloured paper, and be sure to add details (e.g. hairs on kiwi skin, tomato seeds). If you choose the second option you don’t have to colour the whole drawing, but can focus instead on just the outline and details. When the whole breakfast is drawn, cut out all the elements and glue them to the plate. Ready!

Now you can put all the plates on a big table and enjoy whole group or class’s beautiful breakfast compositions.

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