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Friendship Bracelets

Girls have fun making friendship bracelets probably in every corner of the world. It is a way of expressing your attachment and affection to a friend. Mostly, you do not need a special reason to give one as a gift. In a sense, it is a gift which demonstrates one’s gratitude for somebody’s care and readiness to help and share – all the qualities which are the essentials for friendship and peace among people. Today, as in the past, the friendship bracelets are made from colourful yarn, and sometimes also beads and looms. The technique of making bracelets might not be complex in itself, but it certainly is unsuited for pre-schoolers. That’s why we’ve brainstormed a bit, searched the Internet for inspiration, and finally come up with an idea of a pretty, yet easy-to-make friendship bracelet.

bransoletka przyjaźni potrzebne materiały


  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • stretch cord / thin wire
  • hole puncher
  • beads


As usual, here are some practical tips:
1. Circles cut out from the tissue paper might be irregular. The effect will be more impressive if e.g. the edges are wavy.
2. For the beading, you can use a thin wire or a thread, as an alternative to the elastic cord.
3. If you use a combination of fluorescent colours the bracelets will look even more joyful.