Art, Gender Equality

Masks of famous people

You have no idea of how to educate children on the topic of gender equality? The easiest solution is to show the children that, no matter which gender, both women and men have achieved historic importance. We can make our dreams come true and follow our inclinations regardless of who we are. We have prepared mask templates of four well-known people: the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein, the famous artist Frida Kahlo, the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong and the advocate of girls` rights Malala Yousafzai. Choose a person whose work impresses you the most and create their mask.

materiały potrzebne do wykonania pracy


  • A pencil
  • A sheet of red and pink paper (for a mouth)
  • A sheet of white and brown paper (for hair)
  • A sheet of beige paper (for a face and a nose)
  • brown and beige felt (for eyebrows and hair)
  • A sheets of coloured paper (extra elements: flowers, shawl)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick and liquid glue
  • A paper knife
  • Templates can be downloaded below

Step 1

wycięte elementy maski

Download the templates attached below. There are different templates for each character, so download the template of a character whose mask you want to make. All the elements should be cut out and outlined on a piece of coloured paper. Then cut out the outlined elements again. Note that some elements of the templates need to be outlined twice (e.g. eyebrows), some elements can be cut out without using templates (e.g. Einstein`s hair).

Step 2

sklejona maska Einsteina

Now we can put the masks together. Attention: it will be easier to glue the felt using a liquid glue whereas we suggest using glue stick for coloured paper. Naturally instead of felt you can use other materials (crewel, cloth etc.). You have to cut out some elements with a paper knife e.g. eyes in a mask.  If you create a mask of Neil Armstrong in an astronaut suit, you have to cut out a rectangle so that it fits the astronaut`s eyes, otherwise a child won`t be able to see anything in the mask.

Step 3

ozdabianie masek, dodajemy szczegóły

It`s time for optional details e.g. we can add some details to an astronaut`s suit using a marker pen, we can also adjust Einstein`s hair by curling white pieces of paper using a pencil. In this way it will resemble the scientist`s hair better. This step depends on your ideas, patience and a love for details.

If you`re going to wear the mask you can glue or anchor a strip that fits the child`s head circumference using a stapler.