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Cotton Treasure Bag

This week one of our characters, Rascal, visited Vietnam and experienced an incredible adventure at a Vietnamese market where he was looking for the dream bag for his friend Tola. This inspired me to create my own shopping bag for treasures and other wonderful things. The process of making the bag is easy and it is guaranteed to look stunning.

bawelniana torebka, materiały


  • Cotton or cloth bag
  • Crayons/paints and other materials used to paint on fabric
  • Iron
  • White sheet of paper
  • Hairdryer

Step 1

bawełniana torebka

Draw any pattern you can imagine on the bag. The result of your work depends on the materials you use to paint the bag. Crayons will give you soft pastel colours, if using them, you will have to work a bit harder to make the colours more visible. Markers will make the contours more sharp. Using paints may be uncomfortable for children, so I would not recommend them unless you want to create an abstract design. My favourite though, are 3D paints which begin to take their shape under the influence of heat. So, let’s get down to work!

Step 2

bawełniana torebka

After drawing and painting your desired pattern, the colours need to be fixed on the fabric. In the case of markers, paints and crayons, take a white sheet of paper, place it on the prepared pattern and iron it (the iron should be hot). In the case of 3D paints, use a hairdryer. Note, however that 3D paints should be completely dry which can take up to 12 hours.

Step 3

The most important part – admire your work!


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