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Taking a walk in the woods, it’s worth straining your eyes. Sticks in strange shapes, bark thrown off the branches, fruits: acorns, ash or maple wings, among others, can be used for fun. They can be used to form letters of the alphabet, for example. However, let’s remember not to rob the forest of what we won’t use, and never, but never, collect its protected treasures, e.g., the ferns of the common uvula.



– To encourage children to observe the forest closely.

– Exercise creativity, encourage play without using artificial materials.

Time: 30 minutes

Liście, różne gałązki, nasiona z drzew.


  • Small objects found during a walk
  • A4 paper, suggested weight min. 160 gsm (optional)
  • stickers or letter templates (optional, downloadable
  • glue (optional)

The course of the task

Before the walk, the teacher reminds the children of the letters of the alphabet. Optionally, she can hand each child a card with a letter printed or taped on it. During the walk, children collect small pieces and arrange them into letter shapes. Optionally, paper and glue can be used, and the works can be taken to the classroom to serve as teaching aids for further learning.

Older children can be given the species names and the names of the plant parts that were found and used in the task. For this purpose, you can use a plant recognition key in book form or in an app, such as Flora incognita, LeafSnap.

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