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Feed the hedgehog

The food of a hedgehog mainly consists of invertebrates, especially earthworms, snails, and insects, but they also eat small vertebrates such as frogs, small rodents, bird hatchlings nesting on the ground, lizards, snakes, and even vipers.


Goal: Familiarize yourself with the hedgehog’s diet, practice manual dexterity and fine motor skills

Time: 30 minutes

materiały, które są niezbędne do wykonania zadania


  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue
  • printed materials from the attachment (below)

The course of the task

Step 1. Discussion with children about what hedgehogs eat.

Step 2. Coloring the hedgehog treats from the attachment.

Step 3. Cutting out the colored images and gluing them onto a paper plate.

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