Art, Climate Changes

The Northern Lights

Puffy paint is one of our favourite art mediums. If someone hasn’t tried this wonderful invention yet, they should absolutely go for it! Painting with this unique material brings kids a lot of joy and, since the paint resembles snow, provides the perfect occasion to talk to children about climate change. Today, we suggest you get inspired by nature and draw the northern lights. In this artwork, we’re also going to use oil pastels as they are perfect for drawing the sky, are easy to use and produce interesting effects. Before starting on the project, we suggest playing a video on YouTube which shows the beauty of the northern lights.

materiały niezbędne dla przygotowania pracy plastycznej


  • Glue
  • Shaving cream
  • Sheets of black paper
  • Oil pastels
  • Paints (optional)


A few suggestions:

  1. While preparing your puffy paint, make sure that the proportion of glue to shaving cream is around 50/50 otherwise the paint will be neither fluffy nor dryable.
  2. Although you can make do with just white (for the snow), the overall effect will be more interesting if you add one or two more colours of puffy paint, e.g. blue or violet.
  3. You can shape the paint as you want until it’s dry to create quirky and original pieces.