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Eco-Friendly Jars. Photos for Download

It is a good idea to start teaching your children about environmental pollution by showing them several images (click the link below to download), which – when juxtaposed – will demonstrate the difference between a clean and contaminated environment. Once you have examined the photos, you can prepare your own collection of clear and contaminated water, soil and air (alternatively, downfall, e.g., of snow). To do that, we will need 6-8 empty jars and photos presented at the beginning of the task. What will you put in the jar with clean soil? In the one with contaminated soil? Not only is this activity educational but it also helps to improve children’s imagination, because it is their task to figure out what they could put in the jars to make them resemble the phenomena shown in the photos. If any object is not available at the time of the activity (e.g., snow), we can reflect together on the possible alternatives (e.g., cotton wool).