What does Central Asia remind you of? The first association that came to my mind was products made of clay – various small pots, plates, bowls and jugs, ornamented with beautiful and unique patterns. So let’s try to mould our very own bowl, but we will do it without the help of a potter’s wheel. Historically, the first method of shaping clay was the coiling technique. It is one of the techniques still used in Africa and Amazonia. Since it is very decorative, it is also widely used by modern potters.

lepienie z gliny


  • Bowl or a saucer from your kitchen
  • Clay or modelling clay
  • Kitchen foil
  • Bowl
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Glitter glue

Step 1

Line the bowl with the kitchen foil. Roll pieces of clay or modelling clay so that they look like long snakes. Then, coil them into the shape of snail shells and place them next to each other in the previously prepared bowl. Press clay with your fingers and even the surface so that there are no gaps between the formed snails. It is up to you to leave the snail patterns or smoothen the clay to make the shapes disappear.

Step 2

Leave the clay to dry overnight. In the morning, you can carefully take the bowl out by pulling apart the foil. Now you can start painting. First, I suggest you paint the bowl white so that the following paint layers will be more vivid.

Step 3

When the white paint is dry, you can move on to painting various patterns and decorate the bowl with glitter glue. Then, wait until all the layers are dry. Now you can use the bowl to store hairpins, little Lego bricks and other small things that often get lost and, by strange coincidence, are later found in the most unexpected places.


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