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Christmas Star

We’ve been talking about Christmas recently and so, this week, I suggest you and your kids prepare decorations either for your home or to be given as gifts to your loved ones. These ornaments will surely make adults happy and at the same time fill the hearts of the youngest with pride. Today, we’re going to make a Christmas four-pointed star together. Below, you will find a list of the items you will need, and step-by-step instructions.


  • thicker A4 paper (it can be white, coloured, silver or gold),
  • scissors,
  • ruler,
  • pencil,
  • glue or adhesive tape
  • decorative materials, if needed (e.g. glitter / sequins / stickers, according to preferences).

Step 1

Fold the A4 paper sheet diagonally to form a square. Cut the excess paper away. Fold the square in half on the other diagonal axis and then fold again in half horizontally and vertically – this way you should receive four creases (one vertical, one horizontal and two diagonal).

Step 2

Use a ruler to measure the horizontal or vertical crease, starting from the edge toward the centre. Divide the result in half and mark the value on the vertical and horizontal creases; do it four times, on each side of the square. Cut the creases until you’re halfway to the centre of the square.

Step 3

After you’ve cut the edges, fold them inwards in such a way that they overlap each other – you will thus receive a three-dimensional point of the star. Secure the folded flaps with glue or adhesive tape. Repeat it three times.

Younger children will probably not be able to handle this task themselves and they will need your help. This will be a good opportunity to practice math skills, like measuring, dividing in half and to introduce concepts of symmetry and solid figures. If you want to, make two identical stars and glue them together to get an eight-pointed star.

Step 4

It’s now time to decorate our star – leave it up to the child! There are no rules and no templates here, and this is exactly what children like most! The list of useful decorative materials is endless; you can, for example, as usual, use glitter, but also some more non obvious materials, such as groats and pasta. To enhance the effect, I suggest using a gold or silver spray paint; the star will then not only be 3-dimensional, but also will get a unique texture. This will additionally give us a chance to introduce some sensory activities.

Have fun and many creative ideas! I also encourage everyone to share the photos of your masterpieces in the comments section below! We are looking forward to seeing your results and are certain that you will come up with something fantastic!

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