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Warsaw tour – a trip around the garden

The objective of the Warsaw tour is to get to know 10 extraordinary places in Warsaw related to Jewish history, tradition and culture. The pictures provided will allow even very young children, for whom a walk around the real sites would be too tiring, to learn about Warsaw.


  • the map with quizzes
  • the route description – with the key information about the historical monuments (attachment)
  • comfortable shoes
  • pens (for the children to mark the answers on the map)


As part of the exercise, we encourage the children to take a walk around their own kindergarten or nursery garden, in which 10 different stations have been set up. Each station symbolises one place related to the history and traditions of Polish Jews. Based on the available map and quiz sheet (attachment 4) and the information collected in the route description (attachment 5), the children will be able to learn about the most interesting places in the Old Town and the City Centre.

Before the exercise, print the pictures of the 10 historical monuments located in the Old Town (attachment 6). Put the pictures in different places all around the garden. The children will have to take a walk together to discover all of the monuments. Print out the maps for the children (attachment 4), and for yourself also print the description of the route (attachment 5) containing the key information and fun facts about each of the historic monuments. (The information is also available on the Tup Tup around Warsaw app).

On reaching each station, take the picture and show it around. Read out the information contained in the route description. There will be a lot of fun facts for the children! After reading the description, ask one or two questions to keep the children listening attentively. The questions are written on the map. Let each child answer the questions alone and mark the correct answers on the map. Check if their answers are correct.

Fun Fact:

While taking an actual walk around Warsaw, you can use the free Tup Tup around Warsaw app. The app was created by and co-financed by the City of Warsaw. It contains descriptions of over 200 places related to the historical heritage of Warsaw. Through the app, you can choose 1 of the 14 ready-made routes and read about the history and traditions of Warsaw.