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As the Wind Blows: A Kite for a Sunny Day

Although we normally don’t notice the existence of air, we certainly experience its movements in the form of wind. Air flows when part of it is warmer than the other. Warm air is lighter than cold air and as such it rises; that’s when cold air flows in and takes the place of warm air. Wind is therefore nothing more than moving air.

Wind performs many roles: it pushes clouds, sows seeds, impacts the weather, protects us from smog and even changes the landscape. People learned how to use wind power hundreds of years ago. It was used to turn sails of windmills where grain was milled into flour; today, wind energy is used to generate electricity in wind turbines. Wind can also enrich the array of our leisure activities; for example, we can go surfing or hang gliding with its help.

Today, we’re going to make use of wind energy to have fun and we’re going to make a kite.


  • Two sticks (or strips of wood) to make the frame
  • Strong thread / string / yarn
  • Coloured paper / colourful magazine
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Ideas how to decorate the kite


Kites are easy-to-make even for a child, but that’s not all; flying one is also great summer fun, an incentive to play outdoors and it’s a way of learning about some laws of physics. You can use a kite as an opportunity to discuss air, smog, and wind with children. It can also be a great tool for measuring wind speed and direction. Last but not least, wind helps cities suffocating under smog. That’s not to say it is enough however; wind alone cannot save us from smog.