Art, Sustainable Cities

Paper-cut: The City of my Dreams

This week we have been talking about the topic of ‘sustainable cities’, a notion that focuses on providing its inhabitants with comfort while being eco-friendly. I’m not sure if you are familiar with this but for me, it is too loosely connected with a whole range of concepts and activities surrounding a concern for the environment. This is my subjective opinion, besides, I’m not a native speaker of the English language. Returning to our subject of sustainable cities, you may ask your children to imagine their own perfect city and ask what it looks like. Also, you can create a picture of the perfect city. You won’t need much material to do this.



  • coloured paper
  • felt
  • coloured corrugated cardboard
  • glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • A3 or bigger sheet of paper
  • optionally glitter glue, stickers, and other decorations
  • markers

Step 1


Use coloured paper or any other materials you can find at home (it’s important to choose materials of different texture) to cut out various shapes – rectangles, triangles, ovals, which will be the base of your houses. Also, cut out shapes of trees and clouds. Before gluing everything together, arrange the shapes on the sheet of paper to create your own unique, perfect composition.

Step 2

Now you can glue everything together. After doing that, focus on the details like some snow on the roofs, a kitten on a window or stars in the sky. These little additions will give your picture a unique atmosphere. If you have some more time, you can draw tiles on the roofs, balconies and windows. The more time you spend on refining the details, the more attractive your work will be.

Step 3


Now it’s time to get satisfaction out of your work. You can hang the picture in a visible place and from time to time, go back to discussing the ‘sustainable’ city of your dreams.