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The First Snow – Painting

I don’t know what it looks like in your region, but last week in Warsaw it snowed for the first time this winter. It brings a nice change in the grey capital city, especially now that we have begun to think about Christmas and presents for family and friends. This week Monika has written a story for you about the topic of climate. The story has three characters visiting Greenland, where the winter is real – with snow and frost. I thought that I would offer you and your children to put yourself in the winter mood by painting your own winter. To make this task even more exciting, we will use an unusual painting material – shaving foam. Surprised? Well, I was surprised too when I tried it out for the first time!!!

pierwszy śnieg materiały


  • glue
  • pigments in powder or liquid
  • shaving foam
  • paper
  • trick paper (may be colour paper)
  • cups for paints
  • paintbrushes (may be one for each colour but it is not necessary)

Step 1

Prepare paints. Mix glue and shaving foam (ratio 1:1). The mixture should be quite fluffy but should also have a little doughy and shiny texture. Add a pigment and mix until the colour is uniform. Repeat this step with all your pigments.

Step 2

Let’s paint everything now. Dip a brush in the prepared paint and take as much of it as possible. Then, carefully apply it on the paper, creating the basic texture of your work. For example, while painting a tree, you can try to imitate the tree bark texture. Remember to move the paintbrush gently and not rub paints into the paper. Apply paints gently, aiming at creating the thickest paint layer you can.

Step 3

Leave your work until it’s completely dry. It may take a few to several hours, depending on how thick the paint layer is. Then of course, it’s time to admire the painting! This technique is perfect to imitate the fluffy snow, the kind we should wish for the upcoming winter months.