Today we will make the children aware of what elements a safe, dream home should consist of. We will also develope children’s artistic skills. Are you ready? 🙂


  • a template of a house printed out from attachment 1
  • printed out pages from attachment 2
  • glue
  • scissors
  • crayons or paints
  • story “We build safe houses” from the book “Safe houses — Friendly cities” or the presentation


Read out the story “We build safe houses” or watch the presentation with the slums’ pictures. Talk to the children about what objects were missing in the houses of those living in the slums.

After you finish the discussion, encourage the children to make a picture of their dream home.

Print out the house template and the attachment with the furniture and give one set to each child. Tell the children to think about which elements they consider necessary.

  • Should there be a bathroom in the house?
  • Should there be a kitchen in the house?
  • Is the bedroom a separate room or will it be located in the living room?
  • Do they want flowers in the house?
  • Which room is the most necessary in the house?


There are the necessary objects and these which can be considered optional (shelves, armchairs, two sofas, etc.). Each child should create a picture of their dream home. If they dream about a colourful house, nothing stops them from painting the walls in bright colours. If only the crayons are prepared! 🙂

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