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Let’s Explore Cultural Heritage!

We are going to start an extremely interesting and also a very important topic this week. It’s the first time cultural heritage has been featured on our website. I’m not sure if you’ve already spoken with your child about it, but it’s definitely worth doing. I’ve no doubt children will be fascinated by it. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome are birthplaces of culture, which have impacted the development of European civilisation and thus our identity. 

Exploring cultural heritage can: 

  • teach us about world history and also geography;
  • improve imagination;
  • allow us to explore the unknown;
  • make us open to the world and other cultures.

Naturally, as any other adventure, this one also requires special preparations – but this time these are not meant for children. To help parents and teachers, UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has created an amazing ‘World Heritage in Young Hands’ guide. Unfortunately, a Polish version is not available, but it’s worth familiarising oneself with, nonetheless. I encourage you to do so, because it contains useful tips in talking with children, so that cultural heritage doesn’t sound like a totally abstract idea to them. The guide is nearly 200 pages long, so I think it would be best to choose the most important chapter (meaning the most appropriate for the relevant age group) and read it first. Yet, personally, I would start from the very beginning of the guide, that is from visiting a history / ethnographic / art museum or from tips on how to do it which you will find on pages 21 – 24.

Let us know if you know of any other interesting educational materials for children, which might prove helpful in explaining cultural heritage. We will be happy to post them on our site.