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Multi-Purpose PET Bottle

Plastic – a material we are definitely going to use less and less in the coming years. Plastic bags are one of the issues on the European Union’s agenda. It is very likely that PET bottles will the next step in reducing plastics production in the Union. It would be a step in the right direction, since plastic is virtually non-biodegradable and as a result its amount on our planet is increasing at an alarming pace. Worldwide, we use approximately 500 billion of disposable plastic bags each year; that is approximately 16 thousand bags per second. 

It is certainly worth considering how each family could reduce the amount of plastic used in their homes or how to use plastic packaging to create something new intended for a different purpose. The term ‘upcycling’ has been coined to describe this process. Upcycling is none other than recycling whereby the end product is of a higher value than the materials having been processed. Even a small child can create something by upcycling. We suggest you start your upcycling adventure with a PET bottle cup. 

Butelka PET potrzbne matriały


  • PET bottle
  • scissors
  • knife
  • acrylic paints
  • brush
  • small bowl / palette 
  • black marker


Cut the top end of the bottle off and cut, for example, ears and a tail (shapes depend on the animal we would like to create). Apply several coats of a masking acrylic paint on the bottle. Once the paint has dried, outline a nose, eyes, whiskers and other necessary features of the animal’s face. When it is ready, the cup can make a brush or crayon holder. It can also be a flowerpot. There are lots of ideas for what to do with it and your child’s imagination will tell you what else it could be used for. 

This post was created by within the “Po Stronie Natury” programme, in partnership with: Żywiec Zdrój, Lasy Państwowe, PTTK, Fundacja Ekologiczna ARKA.