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Long Live Upcycling!!!

Thinking about preparing something that will suit the topic of upcycling, I was sure that I will find a suitable topic without any problem. There are so many ideas on how to make something pretty (and functional) out of things we no longer need, things we dispose of everyday not having a clue about how we can use them again. Just google and you will realise how many original works of art (I’m not afraid to use this expression here) can be made, for instance, from toilet paper rolls. The number of different ideas is really impressive. I decided to go a bit further and make something really nice out of egg packages. And by something, I mean a door wreath.



-egg packages, the amount depends on the size of your wreath. 4 should be suffice

– square cardboard sheet

– sharp scissors      

– glue

– paints 

– paintbrushes

– decorations

– wire or string to prepare a hook 

Step 1


Cut out an oval or a circle out of the cardboard sheet.

Step 2


Cut egg packages in the way shown in the pictures. From the formed elements cut again with scissors to make them look like flowers or leaves.

Step 3

Paint the cardboard and elements cut from egg packages. In this step, the use of imagination is encouraged. Flowers will look better when painted with various colours and patterns. After painting, wait until everything is dry.


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