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Collage of President Wilson’s portrait

In September 1917, the 28th President of the USA, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, appointed a committee responsible for the preparation of a 14 points’ peace program. Among other demands there was one about the independence of Poland, a country with free access to the sea.

For the first time, one of world’s most important leaders clearly stood up for Poland’s freedom. This former chancellor of the Princeton University ironically was not of Polish descent. He came from a family of Scottish and Irish roots and he wasn’t even a catholic. And yet, he firmly spoke out for the independence of Poland, rejecting pressures of prominent Americans of German and Russian descent.

President Wilson received the Nobel Peace Prize, while not being a professional politician. One of the best known squares in Warsaw – Wilson Square – is named in honor of the him.

Tell the children about this remarkable person who played such important part in history of Poland. Then prepare his portrait, using the collage method.


  • print of the portrait to be downloaded from the site
  •  white paper
  • scissors
  • paints, pen markers
  • glue stick


From the photograph of President Wilson cut out his silhouette. Think about what objects can represent his life. We, for instance, chose a book – as a symbol of his university career, map of Poland – as he helped this country return to the world’s map and planet Earth – as symbol of his broad-minded foreign policy. You can draw these objects on white paper and then cut them out.

Stick the silhouette of President Wilson and other objects/symbols. Depending on the idea of your composition, you can write or cut out of a newspaper or a magazine, words describing his presidency and his most important life values. You can also draw some pieces of his clothing (for example glasses). You can have more ideas for the collage. We are giving you some examples below to get inspired.

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The post was created as part of the project “Children get to know their district” financed by the capital city of Warsaw.