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Be like Skłodowska!

Is being a scientist an interesting profession? Yes, for sure! However, it’s also very challenging. Not so long-ago women were particularly scarce in the scientific world. You would rarely find a woman at a university, not to mention a laboratory. One of the few exceptions (yet how wonderful) was Maria Skłodowska-Curie. She represented the first generation of women who studied at university for more than one year! You won’t believe it, but 140 years ago, when she was a student, it was believed that a woman’s mind could not comprehend science and a woman should mainly sing, embroider and take care of children. Women studying science or math were very rare exceptions. She was Polish, a scientist, a mother of two children, and made the impossible – possible. She discovered two chemical elements – radium and polonium – as well as the phenomenon of radiation. She began research on cancer, a disease that nobody knew about then. She received two Nobel Prizes: one in chemistry and one in physics. It is an inspiring example for children, isn’t it? Maria made great discoveries that we still use today. Discuss it with children; show them that gender doesn’t matter. If we really desire something, we can achieve incredible things with hard work and determination (and maybe also with a bit of good luck).

Now try to imagine how Maria might have looked and prepare a paper mask resembling her face.


  • templates of the face elements to be downoaded
  • pencil
  • pink paper (to make lips)
  • grey paper or grey felt (to make brows and hair)
  • beige or pale pink paper (to make face and nose)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • paper cutter


Download the templates and cut out all the elements. Place them on colour paper then cut out the elements again. You should cut out some of the elements (for example brows) two times.

Create the mask.

Tip: it is easier to stick felt for brows and hair with a liquid glue. To stick the colour paper use a glue stick.

Time for extra details, like hair accessories or face wrinkles. You can create them with marker pen or crayons. If you are going to wear the mask, stick or staple a paper strip to the mask. The strip should match the circumference of child’s head.

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The post was created as part of the project “Children get to know their district” financed by the capital city of Warsaw.


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