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Tie-Dye Bandanas

Today we want to share with you another arts & crafts technique that can be associated with water – tie-dye. Tie-dye is a fabric dyeing technique which is particularly popular during the summer fashion seasons in the United States.  I’m sure you have seen T-shirts with colourful stains all over them. Tie-dye consists in folding and tying T-shirts in specific knots so that the stains and smudges create the required pattern. Clothes dyed with this technique can remind us of the hippie fashion days; yet tie-dyeing is a great idea for children parties or simply arts & crafts classes for pre-schoolers. It is such a wonderful activity – we’ve had considerable success in kindergartens where we’ve completed our educational programme this year.

chusty Tye-Die


  • white bandana / scarf, T-shirt or any other piece of cotton cloth
  • fabric dyes
  • foil to cover the table
  • gloves
  • foil bag / clingfilm
  • rubber bands
  • fabric markers, e.g. Sharpies (optional)

TIPS: 1. Read the instructions carefully before you buy the fabric dyes. Some dyes are not suitable for the tie-dye technique.

2. Soft 100% cotton (without any polyester or other synthetic fibres added in the fabric content) T-shirts are best for dyeing.

3. Before applying the dyes you can use markers to draw some patterns, e.g. a coral reef motif.

4. Dyes should remain on the fabric for at least 7-8 hours, preferably even up to 24 hours.