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Coral Reef in Danger

“…  In a coral reef there are parrotfish, starfish, sea horses, and hundreds of other yellow, green, and orange animals. When the reef is dying, hundreds of species that live there are also dying.  – The uncle fell silent, and looked at his friends gravely.” What does the Egyptian chai taste like? What animals live in the coral reef? Will the Dolphin convince uncle Ted to help them? Will they stop the poachers? These and other questions will be answered in the fairytale Coral Reef in Danger.

rafa koralowa

When they were drinking the sweet tea, the uncle prepared the boat and got the flippers, masks, and snorkels.

– Come on! We’ll go to the Ras Muhammad National Park. There’s a beautiful coral reef. If we’re lucky, we’ll see not only the reef with thousands of colourful fish, but also sea turtles and dolphins!
– Really, there are turtles and dolphins too? – asked Pola curiously.
– Ha! You can even meet a shark here. But don’t worry. Sharks are usually far from the coast. We probably won’t meet them – the uncle laughed.

The group of friends got onto the motorboat and went to the National Park. After about 40 minutes they were there.

– We’re here – The uncle stopped the boat. – Now, before we go into the water, a few rules. Underwater you can’t touch the reef or break out pieces of it.
– Even small pieces? – asked Pola hesitantly – We can’t take a bit as a souvenir?
– No! Coral reef is under strict protection. It grows only one millimetre in a year. That’s the width of our hair or nail. If you take a piece, it will need 100 years to rebuild! So no, you can’t take any of it.
– I didn’t know it grows so slowly – admitted Pola.

rafa koralowa

– Additionally, there are hundreds of different animals there. You’ll see that on coral reef there are parrotfish, starfish, sea horses, and hundreds of other yellow, green, and orange animals. When the reef is dying, dying are also hundreds of species that live there. – The uncle fell silent, and looked at his friends gravely – Now repeat after me. We admire without touching!

– We admire without touching! – they repeated together.

– Okay, now, everybody’s ready for snorkelling?

– Well… I… I can’t swim… – said the kitty quietly.

– Oh, that’s a shame. But don’t worry, you can see it from the boat. Maybe you’ll see the dolphins that swim here. Jump in!

The underwater world was even more beautiful than it looked from above.

– Turtle! There’s a turtle. – Pola wanted to shout but a move of her hand was enough to show them.

– Blimey, there comes barracuda, one of the most dangerous animals here – the uncle wanted to say, but it was also said with a move of his paw.

Just as he told them, parrotfish, lionfish, starfish, and even sea horses came, to show them that the reef is home to many species of animals.

rafa koralowa

When Rascal and Pola were snorkelling, a dolphin came to the motorboat. He didn’t look as if he wanted to play.
– Help me, help! – he shouted – Behind that island there are poachers. They’ve set a few explosives on the bottom of the sea. They want to destroy the reef and get a few unique species of fish. You have to help us! – The dolphin poked the boat with his nose.
– Oh no! – We’re going at once, dolphin.
Tola got a whistle out of her pocket and blew it.
– Rascal! Pola! Uncle Ted! Quick! We need your help! – Tola was shouting and blowing her whistle. She was so loud that all three of them heard it and were by the boat in moments.
When uncle Ted heard what happened, he told them to get on the boat and they went in the direction the dolphin pointed them at.

rafa koralowa

– What kind of scoundrels want to steal from our reef?! Because of the pollution and climate changes, almost half of the reef has already disappeared from our Earth. How can they destroy what’s left? We need to stop them – exclaimed the uncle and sped up.

The motorboat was going as fast as the dolphin. In the meantime uncle got out a phone and called the police.

– صباح الخير Sabah al hir! [Hello] – he said in Arabic – ‘I’m in the eastern part of the National Park. We’ve found some poachers who want to blow up the coral reef. I’m going there in a motorboat but I’m alone with 3 tourists. We need your help!

He told them the most important information about the place and then steered the boat. In two minutes they found the poachers.

– Stop! Don’t you dare explode the reef! – The uncle was shouting at them. – You’re going to get arrested!

The poachers were surprised that someone found them. They were sure that nobody’s seen them, save for the scared dolphin. Seeing the boat approaching, they threw the detonator into the water and started to run away. They knew that the uncle would choose the detonator instead of going after them.

If the detonator fell to the bottom in a wrong way, all the explosive would explode.
They laughed and began to sail in another direction.

rafa koralowa

You can imagine their surprise when from behind a small peninsula came the police in a helicopter.

– Stop! You’re arrested!- they shouted through a megaphone.
– Within a moment the thief – the Kangaroo – was caught and handcuffed.

In the evening, when uncle made them some sweet, strong hot Egyptian tea again, Tola asked:
– Uncle, do you think we could save the coral reef? It’s so beautiful…
Uncle Ted thought about it.
– I hope we can… We need to start protecting our environment, both here in Egypt, and in Poland. If we care about the animals and plants around us, we could save not only the coral reef, but also the Bia³owie¿a Forest or rainforests.

In a moment he added:
– Will you help?
– Yes, we will!