Pies rdośnie biega po lesie

For the past three days, Rascal had been working on some practical jokes he could play on Pola. Everyday in the morning, he went to the bird’s clearing, because he knew the birds would be elsewhere at that time. And each day he came up with something new – attaching strings, gathering pebbles and cones, or digging a hole in the ground. As days passed, his smile grew wider and wider, just thinking about the prank he would play.

One day, he decided to take Tola with him… he wanted her to see all of his brilliant traps

But, to his surprise, on this particular day, the clearing was full of birds; there were dozens in the forest clearing! Big and small, colourful and more plainly feathered birds were strolling around the clearing and almost all of them clutched flowers in their claws. In the middle of the clearing, right beside the small mound Rascal had created, stood a blackboard with a heading and a flower drawn in chalk…

– Oh no, they will ruin my prank – thought Rascal, very distressed seeing some of the birds walking dangerously close to his traps.

All of a sudden, Mr Grozek, a falcon, showed up over the clearing. He flew down and landed next to the blackboard. He looked at his students.

– Thank you very much for coming here today – he said in a thunderous voice.

The falcon looked around and having spotted a small mound, decided to stand on it, certain this would make him more visible to the students standing in the last row. He jumped on to the mound, but instead of standing higher, he stumbled, lost his balance and…

Na orła wylewa się wiadro zimnej wody

– Slosh! – A loud noise echoed in the clearing!

The mould proved to be a well-camouflaged pile of stinky, colourful mud, full of worms and flies. Both his legs, his underbelly and a part of the falcon’s wing were smeared in disgusting goo.

– Yuk! Who did this?! – asked the falcon, angry and dismayed.

He quickly jumped out of the gunk, flapping his wings, he was trying to fly. Unfortunately, his wing had become caught in something… Mr Grozek, though old, was still a very strong bird, so he managed to yank the string that was holding him. . The sudden movement worked, the falcon’s wing was freed, but then, a bucket that was hanging a few meters above his head turned upside down dumping a stream of cold water all over him.

– Splash!

The water rinsed off the mud but it also knocked Mr Grozek to the ground again.

– Argh! Who is responsible for this?! – he yelled angrily.

Complete silence fell over the clearing. The students were so surprised they dare not say a word. Only Rascal, hiding behind a tree with Tola, burst into laughter.

– Ha, ha, ha! Grozek does not look like a falcon, he looks like a drowned rat! Ha, ha, ha! – Rascal was laughing uncontrollably, louder and louder, every time he glanced over at the funny-looking bird.

Unfortunately, in the complete silence, it was easy to tell where the laughter was coming from.

Pies niesie w pysku czarnego kota, za nimi leci orzeł

The falcon had no trouble spotting Rascal. Before the dog managed to seize Tola’s paw and run into the forest, Mr Grozek appeared right behind him. He grabbed them with his strong claws, flew back to the birds’ clearing and released them directly over the stinky mud.
– Slosh! – A loud noise echoed once again.

This time all the birds burst into laughter seeing the dog’s snout and the kitten’s nose smeared with mud.

– I can’t see! I can’t see anything! – Tola started to meow frantically. – Am I still alive? Am I alive?! – she asked in a sweet, tearful voice which, under normal circumstances would surely have made the perpetrator feel guilty.
– Yes, you’re alive! – cried the falcon, still a little angry and helped clean her eyes with a tissue. – What is the meaning of this? Why did you play such a nasty joke?– he asked crossly, but the sight of the kitten covered with mud and the dog, who was just as dirty as her, amused him a bit.

– Oh, I’m sorry, sir – barked frightened Rascal. – TThis prank wasn’t meant for you but… but for Pola, the owl, – he admitted, although he wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea to reveal his friendship with Pola.
– For the owl? – asked the teacher, surprised. – Pola, do you know these intruders? – he cried so loud, that all the birds stopped laughing. Some of them even stepped aside to let Pola pass.
– Well… I… yes, sir – Pola answered hesitantly. – I know them but I didn’t know anything about the prank they prepared. I swear!
– I see they have mastered the element of surprise – said Mr Grozek, now amused with the whole situation.
– What is your name, dog?
– Rascal. I’m Rascal, sir – he muttered, very nervous.
– Rascal… that’s no surprise. A fitting name for one who exhibits such behaviour – the falcon mumbled to himself, then looked at the dog and asked.

Orzeł wskazuje na tablicę, gdzie jest napisane: "dzień nauczyciela"

– Rascal, do you know what festivities you have interrupted? Do you know what day today is?
Rascal looked around frightened. He didn’t know what this special day was.
– Your birthday, sir? – he uttered hesitantly.
– No! – said the falcon in a loud voice. – Look at the blackboard and read out loud.

Rascal took a glance at the blackboard and spotted a flower and two strange-looking words. He wasn’t able to read them.
– It’s birds’ language – he said, confused. – I don’t know this language, so I can’t read anything.
– Nonsense! – called Mr Grozek. – It is not birds’ language, it’s English. The writing on the board says TEACHERS’ DAY, because today all teachers around the world celebrate their day, myself included. But after falling into mud and being drenched with water, I’m not sure if this is a pleasant holiday anymore. Rascal, do you know the alphabet? – the falcon suddenly asked.

Before Rascal could answer, Mr Grozek jumped towards the blackboard and pointed at a letter.

S like a slithering snake.
And then O as in “open” and “orange”.

Rascal lowered his head and started to scratch at the ground with his paw.
– I don’t know these letters, sir – he said, embarrassed.
– Well, well, well… – muttered the falcon – You can play pranks and think up new jokes but you still can’t read. The time has come to change this.

Księga baśni

Starting tomorrow, you and your little friend who, I bet, doesn’t know how to read either, will be coming here and taking part in English lessons, – he decided. .

Tola hid behind Rascal, just in case.
– Once you have mastered the alphabet, you will be able to read. Thanks to this ability you will learn many interesting things about the world around you. Maybe then your games will become more… how shall I put it… wise – said Mr Grozek emphatically.

Zwierzęta w lesie

Suddenly, a loud murmur arose among birds. A woodpecker, a stork and some sparrows chattered louder and louder, so Mr Grozek turned towards them.

– Mr Grozek, we don’t want them to go to school with us – said the woodpecker firmly while pecking on a nearby branch.
– That’s right! We don’t want them here! – echoed the great white heron. – A dog and a cat in one class with us? You must be joking, sir! They are different from us – she argued.
– They don’t have wings, but paws – agreed the sparrow.
– And they surely have fleas! – cried other birds.
– You’re right! – yelled the crane. – Dogs and cats have such weird fur, they don’t have wings or feathers. They plainly aren’t birds and we shouldn’t spend time with them. Dogs should play with dogs, cats with cats and birds with birds! That’s the way it’s always been! – he added.

Other birds chimed in with more arguments, one even mentioned that the cat will certainly eat them for breakfast.

– Silence! – said Mr Grozek resonantly. – I could eat you all too if I wanted, but I don’t! – he added, looking sternly at his students. – Pola, have either Tola or Rascal ever tried to eat you? – he asked the owl.
– No, sir – Pola laughed, amused by the image of her friends trying to eat her. – They are really nice, trust me… – she added quietly, seeing the other birds staring at her.
– Good then it’s all decided! – cried the falcon. – As long as I’m your teacher, everyone will have the right to an education. Anyone wishing to learn can come here: a dog, a cat, a deer or a doe; no matter their species. You know, not so long ago birds such as ravens, rooks and black storks were not allowed to learn at school. Do you know why? – zhe asked his students.

The raven looked at his friends and rolled his eyes to show that he had no idea why anybody would forbid him going to school. None of the students replied.

– Because they have black feathers and in the past birds with black feathers were not allowed to attend school, – explained Mr Grozek. – Moreover, back then Sophie, Catherine or Pola would not have been allowed to study either, but I suppose you don’t know why…

Once again silence followed and all the girls looked at one another in surprise.

– Because you are girls and in the past girls were not allowed to study. And even earlier – the teacher went on – the poorest birds were not allowed to attend classes either.

Mr Grozek fell silent for a time, glancing at all his students.

– Luckily, these times are gone and I will not allow such situations to ever happen again – he said emphatically. – Pola, please bring your friends here on Friday. They must have notebooks. And you will make space for them among you, not at the back or the sides of the class. Do you understand? – he asked.

Mr Grozek hit the ground with his walking stick and ordered a chair be given him so that he could sit down and rest. Just as he was about to sit down, a strange loud noise came from under his tail, as though he had just farted!

It turned out that there was a whoopee cushion of sorts on the chair, a bag full of bees which were released when Mr Grozek sat down.
– Oh no! I’m sorry… those bees… that was the last prank I prepared for Pola… – muttered Rascal, mortified.

Everyone, including Mr Grozek burst into laughter. They thought that having such a Rascal in the class may prove entertaining.


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