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Tell the children that our planet – Earth – is special because it has lots of water. Water creates vast oceans and seas. It flows in rivers. It is absorbed in soil, giving life to trees, flowers and animals. Water is also in the atmosphere. It accumulates in the clouds to fall as rain. Did you know that water covers more than half of the Earth’s surface? (On a board or on a piece of paper draw a circle symbolizing Earth and color about 70% of its surface). It is really a lot. Only a small, portion, is the land, on which we live (uncolored section).


  • file with the sound of water  (Annex 1.1)
  • pictures of the sea, river, rain in the forest, pond, mountain stream, meadow stream, glacier printed or displayed on the screen (Annex 1.2)
  • boards with photos/drawings (as above) of animals living in the sea, by a lake, in a river, on glaciers (Annex 1.3)


Listen carefully to the sounds that have been prepared for you. I wonder if you can guess what form of water they are. 

Spread out illustrations of water (seas, rivers, lakes etc.) on the floor or hang them in a visible place. Then, one by one, play a few seconds of the water sounds recordings. Ask if anyone figured out where the water makes such sounds. Perhaps the accompanying sounds of animals or other nature sounds are indicating where the sound is coming from?

Then show the children pictures of animals or plants living in various aquatic environments. Will they guess where they can meet a seal or a fish? Will they match an animal or a plant to the environment? 

Tell the children that without water there would be no life on Earth. Some animals live directly in the water – like fish. Others can swim or dive, but they spend only some part of their life in the water and the rest on land (like seals or ducks). There are also animals that hunt in water despite living on land (like bears). Some animals need to drink water to survive. For most animals, pure water, in one way or another, is essential to life.

The post was created as part of the project “I love Warsaw – I save water”, financed by the Veolia Foundation.


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