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Poland, Brazil or China– What’s This Plant’s Origin?

Did you know that if our forefathers had felt like eating a lemon or a banana, they would have had to sail as far as Asia? And did you know that strawberries, that we all take great delight in eating, don’t originate from Poland but the regions of Canada?

We’ve prepared a beautifully illustrated map and several observation games especially for you. They will help your child understand that strawberries, grapefruits, pumpkins or cocoa have come to our country from different parts of the world.

‘Warsaw, Rio or Beijing – What’s This Plant’s Origin?’ is a game to boost your child’s knowledge about the origin of food crops. Based on data gathered by CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture), we’ve prepared a Polish version of the map and some observation game ideas. There are over 50 agricultural crops marked on the map. Each one is linked to a given region and the symbol is explained at the bottom. In case you don’t recognise a plant, you can always check the map key.

We trust that the little explorers will manage to identify an aubergine, an avocado, or a pumpkin. Meanwhile, parents will be able to check if they guessed a given plant’s origin correctly.

Below you will find a downloadable map (which is the fundamental source of information for the activities) and several observation activities.

Have fun with tuptuptup!