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Ornamental Letters

This week, we have been talking about education, so let’s do something that will remind your child of learning. What would fit this role better than letters? There may be one or more letters that may symbolise something important for your child (like L standing for love ), or the first letter of their name. To make it aesthetically pleasing, the letter should be ornamented. I decided to go with a holiday theme and used seashells and plants.


  • cardboard
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue (the best would be silicon adhesive to glue every material, but any strong glue will also do)
  • ornaments, for example: seashells, coloured yarn, beads (or any other ornament you find suitable)

Step 1

Draw the letter on the cardboard. Then, cut it out. Arrange the ornaments on the letter. Before using glue, check if the whole composition looks fine, make sure the entire cardboard is covered and that there are not too many elements. I advise you to choose a few big elements and arrange the smaller elements around them.

Step 2

Glue every element and don’t forget to attach a hook if you want to hang the letter on a wall or a door. The hook could be made out of wire, string or even a paper clip. Now, let’s hang your letter on the wall and admire it!

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