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7 “First Day of School/Kindergarten” Photo Ideas

Returning to school or kindergarten after summer holidays can sometimes be a challenge for both children and their parents. A child who knows what to expect after the break will cope with it, but one that is just about to start a new adventure in their life is often worried and anxious. No need to mention that it is the parents’ natural role to help them face this challenge. Our task in turn is to give you cool ideas that will make your child laugh, help to create good memories, and give positive energy to you and your child. This time we will help you prepare first day of school (kindergarten) photos.

There are lots of suggestions and ideas on the Internet. We’ve flipped through many websites and picked several ideas that make for a good start.

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pamiątkowe zdjęcie ucznia
  1. A photo of your child on a chalk-inscribed background. This idea involves many possibilities and variations of both the child’s pose and the inscription.
  2. A photo with books. The books can have the grade or the name of the child’s group written on the spines. Photo source –
  3. A photo with a board where you can write down the most important information about starting school –
  4. A multi-generational photo which illustrate the relentless passage of time –
pamiątkowe zdjęcie ucznia
  1. A garland with the child´s grade or name of the group. Source of this idea:
  2. A photo of your child wearing a shirt, the size of which they will most probably be wearing after graduating from college / university. Photo source –
  3. A photo of the child edited to add a list of things they like –

Below you will find a short video to watch as a bonus. You will have no trouble making such a school photo frame together with you child. Now isn’t that a great start to the adventure called education?