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A Green Farm

The issue of fighting against hunger and malnutrition is strongly associated with so-called sustainable agriculture. This is yet another concept which encompasses several important elements like: the production of healthy high quality food (grown without using too much synthetic fertilisers), taking care of the environment, and providing good working conditions for employees. Why do we want to talk to children about this? To explain how our choice of food and its suppliers impact various processes taking place around the world. Recently, local farmers have been growing in popularity and their products are more tasty than the vegetables sold in supermarkets. Taking care of the quality of food and our health is as important as investing in local communities and small businesses or taking care of the environment. Let’s talk about it with our children while painting our own green farm.

zielona farma potrzbene materiały


  • white paper A3
  • paints (poster or acrylic)
  • palette
  • cone / acorn / fork – everything with interesting imprints
  • wide paint brushes
  • coloured paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black pen (optional)


As always, here are some instructions:

  1. A green farm is a simple colour mixing exercise. It also introduces the notion of texture.
  2. Choose several colours and stick to them – the main focus of this exercise is the pattern and texture – not the colour. We used green, blue, yellow, and red. Red is just an addition to provide contrast.
  3. The patchy texture of grasslands may be obtained by using any material you have at your disposal. This is yet another element of our exercise – looking for interesting objects which leave different imprints – a yarn, a fork, an acorn, a cone, or a stick – it really may be anything.
  4. Farmhouses are optional. If you decide to use coloured paper, corrugated cardboard sheets will perfectly match different textures of the grassland.


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