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Hatching of Mason bee Zdenka larvae – Bees development

We met solitary bees in a previous game. We also learned how to prepare food for their young. It’s time to show children how bees development look like. It will be fun 🙂

Pszczoły Rozwój Grafika1


  • chairs, fabric (blanket, curtain, large scarf) to cover it
  • crawl tunnels and pillows,
  • cupcakes with ‘sweet buns’ from this recipe


The teacher and the children prepare the rooms by placing chairs side by side in a row, covering the seats with a cloth so that it touches to the ground. The children can crawl into the chamber under the chair, hide their buns and demonstrates what the teacher talks about. The chambers can also be created so that each child takes a pillow, crawls into the crawl tunnel and uses the pillow to separate chambers from each other (“snapping”). In this case the buns should be eaten outside of the tunnel before or after this activity.

During dramatization, the children first represent the mother, then the larvae and then the young bee.

The teacher’s narration:

Do you know how Zdenka the mason bee was born? Her mother first found an empty cavity in the tree and began preparing chambers in a row. She waxed the walls of each chamber properly with wax and saliva so that no water could enter. Then she placed a fragrant and sweet pollen bun in the centre of each chamber and laid an egg on it. She enclosed each chamber with a wall of clay and stones mixed with saliva.

After some time, Zdenka the larva hatched from the egg and started to feed on the bun. She grew and grew until her room became small, then she formed a cocoon and fell asleep. She slept and slept, and had a dream that a cold wind was blowing outside. And indeed,  first it was autumn and then winter outside. Zdenka slept sweetly in her little room. In the spring, she was awakened by the warm spring sunshine, along with her sisters in the surrounding chambers who were already biting, scratching and chewing out of their rooms. She hurried to work, chewed through the wall, climbed out of the cavity, and flew outside to the sun.