Prepare your own “pollen buns” with your children. Become solitary bees 🙂


For about 15 children:

  • photos of chambers of solitary bees
  • a package of sponge biscuits
  • a piece of butter
  • a glass of stiffer jam
  • a bowl and spoon for mixing the dough
  • noodle roller
  • bags
  • small paper cases for muffins


The teacher mixes the crushed biscuits, butter and jam in the bowl. Each child is given a piece of dough to shape into a bun, which they place in a small paper muffin case for use in the next activity.

Sponge cakes can be crushed by the children – placed into two bags (in case one breaks), tied, then crushed into small pieces with a noodle roller on the table. Or the children can break them up with their hands in bowls.

Observations and conclusions

The mother bees prepare a room for their children (larvae), putting a sweet bun of pollen and nectar, which they had collected and carried into the nest. When the larvae hatch from the eggs, they feed on the “sweet bun loaf”.