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Building a house together

Today we would like to initiate discussion about support, cooperation and voluntary work. We have prepared a game “Building a house together”, which will show the role of cooperation in everyday lives.

materiały do gry


  • cups, building blocks or other small objects that can be placed one on top of another
  • rubber band
  • several strings

Step 1

Before the game, ask the children how they understand the word “help”. Do they believe that we should help others? If so, who should be the recipient of this support? How frequently should we help? Inform the children that the act of willingly helping another person (excluding their family and friends) is called voluntary work. Ask what is more effective: helping alone or in a group? Then suggest playing a group game of building a house for a family who has lost home in a landslide.

Step 2

Tie a few strings to the rubber band (if there are more children in the classroom, you can divide them into several groups). Place 10 building blocks/cups/boxes on a table.

Step 3

Every child holds one string. They all pull on them at the same time, so that the rubber band expands in size. The group members need to coordinate their movements to make the rubber band wide enough for the chosen building material (e.g. a cup) to fit inside. Then children have to hold the object inside the rubber band and place it in the right spot. They repeat these steps for another object. The game is over when all objects are placed in a way to form a tower (like in the picture).

At the end of the game ask the children what they have learnt from it. Did they manage to cooperate? Would their work have been as effective if they hadn’t coordinated their movements with the rest of the group? State that cooperation in real life looks similar. It helps to achieve common goals.

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