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Pieces of Jewish clothing

The objective is to familiarise the children with some pieces of Jewish clothing and elements of the day-to-day lives of the orthodox Jews.

Inform the children that secular Jews do not wear the aforementioned items of clothing, and that their clothes are no different to ours.

Also, tell them that the clothes in Jewish culture were strictly regulated by religious law. The rules were stricter for men than for women, though their clothing was also limited by the law, and the rabbis advised women to keep their clothes modest. Over time, the outfits developed and regional differences became noticeable. For example, the Hasidim (a mystical religious movement in Judaism) wear velvet kippahs, but ordinary contemporary citizens of Israel wear crochet versions.


  • pictures of Jewish orthodox clothing (attachment 9.1)
  • photos of the day-to-day lives of orthodox Jews (attachment 9.2)


Step 1. Print out the attachment 9.1, laminate the pages and cut them in half. Show the children the pieces of Jewish clothing, tell them what they are called and when are they put on. You can show the pictures multiple times until the children remember the correct names.

Step 2. Show the photos from attachment 9.2 (you can also do this electronically). Ask the children to find the pieces of clothing they have learned about in the photos. In this way, they will not only retain what they have learned, but also see the elements in the context of day-to-day life.


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