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Melting Icebergs

Winter is the best time to discuss climate change with children. We are having less and less snow in winter; winters are becoming milder and milder with a gradual increase in the temperature. Climate change is a relevant topic to be discussed today, including melting icebergs. To make the matter easier to visualise, we suggest you download the poster by Adel van der Merwe. It will serve as a basis for your discussion with your children.

Show the poster to the children and ask them several questions e.g.:

1. Why does the bear in the poster resemble ice cream?

2. Why is there a polar bear and not a brown bear in the poster? Is it because the author of the poster does not like chocolate ice cream?

3. What do you think the poster urges the viewers to do? What issue does it address?

4. Do you know where polar bears live?

5. Why are icebergs so important for the survival of polar bears and other animals in the North Pole?