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Let’s colour the flowers on the meadow

There are many different flowers on the meadow – do you remember how they look like? If not, it’s time for a small reminder. Prepare our materials and help children develop their imagination and motor skills.


  • A5 or canvas size pictures of uncoloured flowers growing on meadows (e.g. meadow clover, dandelion, poppy, peach bellflower)
  • One pre-painted picture of each flower as a template (include also real photos)
  • Colour-box
  • Scissors


The teacher will familiarise the children with all flowers by asking them to repeat their names aloud before giving them to each child.

Allow the children to colour the pictures of the flowers according to or closely matching the template. The children can cut the flowers out after colouring them.

The teacher again asks the children to repeat the flower names and their colours. The teacher asks the children who had yellow, red, pink, blue-violet flowers to stand up next to them and repeat their names. In the next activity the coloured flower cut-outs will be put onto the canvas.


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