Games, Seas and Oceans

Danube and its underwater fish migrations

Today we will provide the information on the river ecosystem, the Beluga’s birthplace and habitat.


  • The story from the book Extraordinary Adventures of Tola, Pola and Rascal (Tola the kitten, Pola the owl and Rascal the dog): Life Adventure of Endangered Beluga
  • MP3 player with river sounds (2 min)
  • bands of blue fabric (for the river and its arms–approx. 3 meters long and 0.5 meters wide)
  • real nature artefacts from the river and surroundings (e.g. river shells, duck feathers, pebbles, etc.)
  • blue string for the sea boundary
  • a photo of the Danube in Bratislava
  • a photo of the Danube Delta.



The teacher will imitate the river environment by playing the sound of the river from the MP3 player.

Then asks the children questions related to the story. The teacher then follows on with the story:

Do you remember where the story took place? (Answer: on the river Danube). Create the river with the blue cloth on the ground together with children, add real nature artefacts from the river and surroundings (river ecosystem), mark the city of Bratislava by one photo and the place where the river flows into the sea by another one (Danube Delta), mark the sea border with a blue string).

Who helped Tola, Pola, and Rascal? (Answer: Raluca’s fish and her friends). Choose a large pillow fish or an A4 coloured image representing Raluca.

Now imagine you are such a huge fish! Does anybody know how big an adult Beluga Sturgeon fish is? Let’s show you: Now invite five children to stand side by side holding hands to form “snakes” revealing the length of the Beluga Sturgeon which measures roughly 7.5–8 meters long.

Then ask children to swim along the river and into the sea like a Beluga Sturgeon. Children, where did Raluca come from? (Answer: from the far Black Sea). Children show this place on the ground.