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Chopstick Challenge Game

Using chopsticks might seem difficult at first.

You can try using chopsticks for kids or adults.

Next time you try eating with chopsticks, play this family game before.

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  • disposable / reusable chopsticks for adults or kids
  • at least 10 assorted objects (eraser, cotton pads, small toys) or corn crunchies
  • 2 bowls or large cups (number of bowls proportional to number of players)
  • hourglass / watch / stop-watch (optional)
  • sheet of paper and pen
  • a lot of patience*

Step 1

Prepare the chopsticks and at least 10 small (but not slippery) objects such as: an eraser, cotton pads, small toys, etc.; corn crunchies will do as well. Your imagination is the only limit. Sit opposite the child (or in a circle if there are more children). Put the objects into a bowl and place it in the middle. Let everyone have their own set of chopsticks and then use them to collect as many objects as they can. Each player transfers the objects to their bowl. When all objects have been collected from the table, count how many each of the players collected and write the score down on your sheet of paper. The beginning can be difficult and the game can last long therefore.

Level up: After the kids have gained some practice, you can organise a competition to see who can collect the most items within a set time limit. If some objects can be picked up more easily than others, you can assign points to each of them based on difficulty and then check who gets the highest score.