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Bingo – Balanced Diet Game

Bingo is a well-known and popular game, so we used its rules to create a new version that focusses on the importance of a balanced diet: that is, one made up of different food groups that we should eat daily to provide our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals. But before we start the game, it’s a good idea to show the children the new food pyramid (below) which shows the place of each food group in our diet. A new but equally important element in the pyramid is physical exercise which supports digestive processes, strengthens the appetite and stimulates metabolic conversion.

plansze i karty do gry


  • Printed boards (available for download below)
  • Cards with pictures of products (available for download below)
  • Stamps (available for download below)
  • A pouch
  • Scissors

Step 1

Download the boards, the product cards and the stamps (all below). It’s best to laminate all the elements. Cut out the cards along the lines and put them into the pouch.

Step 2

Now the children can draw one board from the pile and put it in front of them (advanced players can play with two boards). The leader then draws cards with products on them from the pouch. After drawing the each picture, the leader clearly names the product and the group of products to which it belongs (e.g. an apple to fruits; a fish to proteins).

Step 3

While the leader reads aloud, the remaining children look for the same picture/product on their boards. If and when they find it, they can cover it with a stamp. The person who covers all of their squares first is the winner.


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