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Autumn Seasonal Fruits – paper-cut

Today, we have a task for our little readers. It’s simple, colourful and effective, but at the same time very beneficial as it helps develop fine motor skills. Now that we are discussing the SDG 2 (Sustainable Development Goal 2) – the topics related to nutrition and sustainable agriculture – we suggest preparing an easy work of art on autumn seasonal fruits and vegetables. This paper-cut is another task which aims at showing our children what they can do using paper as the main material of their works. The first paper-cut will be three-dimensional, the next will be based on contrasting colours.

Wycinanka jesiennych owoców potrzebne materiały


  • coloured paper (A4)
  • coloured craft foam (A4) – optionally
  • white paper (A4)
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • marker


Instructions are pretty straightforward, you only need to watch the film. Even young children will be able to follow it with little help from their parents. Older children will be pleased with how little effort they need to put in this task to achieve a stunning effect. You can cut out various fruits and vegetables; these may be the plants grown in Poland (an apple, a pear, a plum) or those from abroad (like a kiwi or an orange). This paper-cut is also a great opportunity to talk about the so called sustainable agriculture.