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Papier MÂCHÉ Earth

Earth day can be a great occasion to make a paper decoration in a shape of a ball. That way kids will also learn about a new technique – paper mache. Paper mache allows you to make different shapes and is great for reusing old notebooks, old artworks or newspapers.


  • Introducing children to the topic of Earth Day through creative play.


Time: 30 minutes.

Żółty talerzyk, nienadmuchany balon, klej, fragmenty papieru


  • Step by step quide
  • Used notebooks, old artworks or newspapers
  • Paper glue
  • balloon or ball
  • Paints with good coverage (gouache or acrylic)
  • Step by step:

Course of the task

  1. Mix the glue with a bit of water, it should be liquidy.
  2. Tear the paper into small bits and soak in the glue. Then put it on the balloon or the ball. It will cover the entire balloon. Add at least 3 layers of paper leaving only a small hole. Then leave it to dry.
  3. Pop the balloon and take it out and then cover the hole with paper. You can also glue a bit of string there if you want to hang it somewhere later.
  4. After everything dries, paint the model white and then add colors: blue, green, yellow and white. Remember about the glaciers as well by adding spots of white at the end.
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The post is funded by the Veolia Foundation and is part of an international project carried out in Polish-German collaboration.

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The post is a part of the “Preschooler’s Calendar,” which was created as part of a project co-financed by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt in cooperation with Naturschutzzentrum Oberlausitzer Bergland.