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A poster as an instrument of active society

Posters play a very important role in social life. They can be used to inform, raise an awareness about some disturbing phenomenon or encourage to take action. They can have a unique artistic dimension. The best poster is the one that conveys the single most significant message and is not overloaded with details. So let’s try to create our own project of a poster; it can depict any topic. Since we deplore increasing environmental pollution, we suggest you focus on ecological topics e.g. separation of waste. There’s little needed to make a poster, but in order to inspire children, before starting to create the artwork, we suggest showing them some photographs which could illustrate why the topic of clean environment concerns all of us. We can download exemplary photos in attachment 1.

zdjęcia do wprowadzenia w temat
materiały, które są potrzebne do przygotowania pracy


  • Elements and text to cut out (in PDF to download)
  • A3 sheet or sheets of paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


We’ll make a poster in a form of collage. To do that, we’ll need scraps from newspapers and magazines. We can also draw some elements and write slogans. In order to make the task a little easier, we prepared a dozen images to print and cut out. You can use them in the same way as photos in attachment 1. Every idea is a good idea.

For the youngest activists, who haven’t yet learned how to write, we prepared an exemplary text which can be printed and glued, so that a poster is more readable. The text refers to the images, so you can decide whether you want to put images everywhere or replace them with text here and there or put both images and text.

  1. Attention! Attention! (megaphone)
  2. Our class/group/family supports the movement ‘Fighting for recycling!’ (RRR stamp)
  3. Together we care for the environment and protect our planet! (planet Earth)
  4. We separate waste into 5 fractions (a boy holding a bin liner)
  5. Paper (a sheet of paper) into a blue bin (a blue bin)
  6. Glass (a glass bottle) into a green and white bin (a green bin and a white bin)
  7. Metal (a metal can) and plastic (a plastic bottle) – into a yellow bin (a yellow bin)
  8. Bio-waste (a piece of an apple and a banana peel) – into a brown bin (a brown bin)
  9. That’s how we care for nature (a tree on a hand) and save resources! (a piggy bank)
  10. And you, will you join us?

Final poster can look like this:

plakat w poziomie

… or like that, it`s all up to your imagination.

plakat w pionie
polska pomoc

This post is co-funded within the framework of Polish developmental aid programme of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.