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5 ACTIVE Games to Play on the Beach

Every child has the right to rest!

TupTupTup believes that leisure can be a great opportunity to spend more time on active games with your children. That’s why we’d like to present 5 ideas for active games that you can play at the beach! The Polish National Food and Nutrition Institute has ascertained that children in Poland spend too little time on outdoor play. Their concern over children’s health has been so great that they’ve included physical activity into the food pyramid. There’s nothing left for us to do but encourage kids to have as much active fun as possible!

We hereby begin our holiday series on active game ideas. Today we’re presenting 5 ideas for beach and lake games.

5 games


Attach a flag (a kerchief / a scarf) to a stick and ask the children to get to it as fast as they can. While they’re on their way (and we can make it more attractive for them*) you call ’Get down!’ or ‘Get up!’. Accordingly, kids will then have to cover the distance running or crawling in turns.

*Making the challenge more attractive means nothing more than creating an obstacle course. Run 2 times around a stick stuck in the ground, jump on one foot over a mound of sand or pour water into a bucket blocking their way to the ‘flag’.

Rzut Kamieniem

Dig a hole in the sand and place a cup inside it. Only the top part of the cup should protrude from the sand. Give your kid 3 pebbles. The challenge is to throw the pebbles so as to get it in the cup.

To make the task more difficult, measure 1, 2, or 5 steps away from the cup. When the kid has mastered shots at the shortest distance from the cup, increase it. If you have some paper and a pen and you manage to involve the rest of your family, you will have a real competition of skill!


You can also create a great skills game with the use of a plastic bottle and a stick. The rules of the game remain the same as in the previous task. Only this time the target is a hanging bottle.


There are 100 different ways you can play with a ball: you can play football, dodgeball, roll the ball with a stick, shoot it at a target, etc. And since my brother is an active volleyball player, there’s no way we could do without an idea for a stick-and-scarf (or pareo) volleyball net.

All you have to remember is to place the stick firmly. Otherwise you will be rearranging your construction again and again.

wodny wyscig

This is my favourite game to play with kids. The parent gets an empty bucket. Their role is to hold the bucket on their head. The kid in turn gets a small cup or a spade. Their task is to fill the bucket with water as quickly as possible.

The further you are from the sea shore, the longer the game can last. As the kids can spill some water on their parents, entirely ‘by accident’, they could play this game forever. Smart parents will play in turns, thus also winning some time for their own favourite activities.