Games, Seas and Oceans

Treasure Hunt, or Having Fun on the Beach

‘What are we going to do today, dad?’

‘What do you mean? We will be treasure hunting! Starting now!’

‘TREASURE hunting?’

‘Of course! And not just any treasure. I have a list. Look!

When you’ve attracted your child’s interest and they approach you, just fish out a pre-printed page and explain everything. If you have 2 or more kids, let each one of them have their own copy. Great fun for at least 20 minutes is as sure as eggs!

The game card includes over 20 tasks. We’ve prepared a special icon-only sheet for kids who cannot read yet. All you have to do is read it once and explain what each of the symbols depicts.

Last week I divided 5 kids aged 2-9 into 2 teams. Each child in each team was involved in the treasure hunt. In addition, one person was responsible for the bucket (into which treasure was put) while another one marked with a pen what treasure items were collected. In our case the youngest child was responsible for the bucket. A 9-year old is more perceptive and faster than a 2-year old and so Ola found the least treasure items. However, because of the function she had been given, she felt herself to be an equally important part of the team.

Have fun hunting!