Conference Teachers of the Future – Together for the Environment


Video materials and presentations

We also suggest watching the videos from Daphne on whitefish migration to complement the presentation on animal migration:

Videos can be automatically translated via Google, and simple instructions on how to do this can be found HERE

Air experiments

The Swedish way of cooking without waste


The first day of the Conference concluded with a zero waste culinary demonstration by Electrolux, prepared by chef Tomasz Królikowski. The preparation of ‘vegetable meat’, vegetable processing, oriental oil with herbs and regeneration of the dish were presented. Conference participants had the opportunity to taste delicious vegetable meatballs with roasted vegetables and oriental dressing. The recipe is available to download. We encourage you to recreate these delicacies at home.

Educational materials

A sustainability guide is available for download, which was produced in cooperation with our partners from the Czech Republic (Lipka), Slovakia (Daphne) and Ukraine (Yurashky). The guide contains more than 70 differentiated activities for children on 6 selected themes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 12 – Waste Segregation and Recycling, SDG 6 – Small Retention, SDG 15 – Biodiversity and Bee Conservation, SDG 14 – Protecting Endangered Species, SDG 13, Climate Action).  We invite you to use the materials and spread the knowledge of sustainability to the youngest children.


Study visits

Wiztyty Studyjne Obrazek

The first day of the conference included study visits to the headquarters of our partners:

  • Education for Biodiversity, WWF
  • How school streets create sustainable cities, Parent in the City
  • Biodiversity of a floodplain meadow and its educational potential, the Education Pavilion “Stone” and the Warsaw Greenery Board.

The programme in Polish can be downloaded HERE



You can read about the conference speakers HERE

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