Polish primer

The Primer prepared by the Fine Foundation is a book that will make learning Polish easy and enjoyable. It is beautifully illustrated, enriched with additional elements such as cutouts and coloring pages. The Primer was designed for children from Ukraine who start learning Polish, but it can be successfully used by all children, regardless of nationality.

Meet Maks, Nina, Alex, Ala and the curious cat – we can assure you that in this company you will never get bored. They are best friends. They spend time together and survive their little adventures. Together with them you will enter the magical world of letters. You will learn to read syllables of single words and simple sentences, you will learn the names of animals, vehicles, occupations, instruments, everyday activities and other words we use to talk about our immediate surroundings.

In the Primer you will find simple vocabulary and grammar exercises, tasks prepared having in mind developing the skills of listening and repeating, understanding  and independent speaking and reading. This is a book to watch, read, play and having conversations. For children, parents, teachers and speech therapists.

The pirmer can be downloaded free of charge from the website